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Rapha Rising - Time for another Roundel?

This past winter I challenged myself to ride 500 kilometers between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. It was definitely a challenge and jump-started my riding to its current point: longer distances, higher speeds, and even an entry into racing. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't stopped my commuting, which will always be, in my opinion, if not factually, better for my health and better for the environment than these longer rides. But it was the combination of both that allowed me to achieve the woven roundel from Rapha, as will be the case this summer when I take on Rapha Rising - La Centieme: a challenge to climb the combined elevations from sea level of the mountain stages of the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France; a whopping 7,235 meters, or 23,737 feet. And I have to do it in 8 days.
My daily commute contains an elevation difference of 108 feet. What's more depressing is that my geographical location does not lend itself to any type of quality elevation gain. I've scoured Strava and come up with a few Cat 4 climbs that, with enough repetition will help me achieve the Rapha Rising goal. I'm going for the in-city stuff as I will have limited time due to work and other obligations. Check out my options:

A half mile with 364ft of elevation gain? That means I would have to ride this about 66 times with a distance of about the same (onaccounta having to loop back around). That's doable. Uh, something looks wrong on that map. Maybe it's the straight line through buildings. Okay so that's out. Which begs the question, how do you delete a segment on Strava; one that's so obviously wrong that there's no way you could ride it? (Sorry Kevin McGill, but I think you need a new Garmin.)

So this: 1.6 miles and 280 feet of elevation. Ride this 85 times at 272 miles. I need more bang for the buck.

Here we go: .3 miles and 318ft. Translates to 75 times and about 75 miles (gotta make the block).

Or this: .4 miles and 330ft. 72 times and 72 miles. Three mile difference.

I think I'll go for the Forrest Ave Climb because it's closer to home and potentially a little less trafficked. I guess I'll have to test it out.

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